Website Traffic Basics

It's what every website owner is CRAVING. After all, without traffic our websites and our businesses can't really go anywhere.

Website TrafficHere are some basics you can take and get started with right away:

1. Free Search Engine Traffic:

Free / Takes Time

One of the first things people want to know is how to get listed in and get free traffic from search engines. Although, this is a smart thing to know right when you start to build your website, you've need to give this one a little patience as good search engine traffic can take time to build.

2. Pay-Per-Click Advertising:

Requires Investment / Instant

Although free or "organic" search engine traffic may take a while to build, one way to get traffic instantly is to bid on various keyword phrases on search engines like & Basically, write an ad, place your bid and then pay each time someone clicks on your ad.

A well-crafted pay-per-click campaign focuses on continuously tweaking your ads and tracking your results...but can be extremely profitable.

NOTE: All new Internet Based Family clients receive pay-per-click ad credits. See trial offer for details.

You can set up ads with Google, Facebook, Bing and plenty of other places.

3. Making A Website People Come Back to and Talk About

Free / Can Take Some Time

One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to build your traffic is to get people to want to visit it over and over again and to have them so thrilled about it, that they'll tell others. In other words, you want your website to be "sticky" people can't stay away.

-> Give them something to talk about: Whether you're controversial, provide information your target audience is dying for...give them the content that gets them talking.

-> Give them an opportunity to contribute: People love to hear themselves give them a way to do that on your site. You can create a forum or allow them to leave comments. Give your visitors a way to participate and feel like they're a part of your site.

-> Keep your site up-to-date: Fresh and current content can make your website an important source of information.

-> Try sweepstakes and giveaways: You know people love free stuff and giving something away is always sure to draw in a crowd. Of course, many people will come for the freebie and never come back again, but a giveaway is a great way to introduce yourself to new prospects you may not otherwise have reached. 

4. Publicity & Content Distribution

Mostly Free / Can Produce Relatively Quick Results

It's always nice when people willingly talk about you and your sticky website, but there's plenty you can do to get the ball rolling. And one way to get people talking is by launching your own publicity and content distribution campaign.

Press Release Distribution: A well-crafted publicity and press release campaign can result in plenty of online and offline exposure for your website. You might just find yourself interviewed for a magazine or on your local news. In addition, many websites and online newswires will publish your press releases.

Press Release Tutorials


Content Distribution: In addition to distributing formal press releases, you can also distribute articles, reports, video and other content to other websites. It's no secret that webmasters are starved for content and you can provide them. From article directories like to video websites like, if you've got something to share, utilize these resources.

Exclusive Tutorial:  Content Writing & Distribution Tutorial

There are many ways to generate traffic to your website and even though some may take time to develop, they are well-worth the effort. In coming weeks, you'll see more tutorials appear in this section to help you perfect the various techniques for getting more visitors to your website.

4. Social Media

Free / Quite Time Intensive

Of course, we shouldn't finish a discussion about website traffic without talking about social media. There's Twitter, Facebook and Google+. If you're looking to make business connections or find new clients, LinkedIn can be very beneficial. Just be aware of the time you spend on social networks as it can be time consuming. The most important thing is to continue to build your core business.

But before you get heaps of traffic, let's talk about building a mailing list so you can make the most out of the traffic that comes your way.


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