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By now, you may know that using the Internet Based Family website builder isn't too complicated at all. It's easy to make a website that looks great and includes the information you want to get started.

Unfortunately, as with any website you build with any type of web building tool...

You Have to Grow Your Traffic and Use Sound Marketing Practices

Just because you build your website, doesn't mean you'll have an instant audience and millions of dollars will start flooding your bank account.

Even when you do get the traffic, it's just about useless unless you use sound marketing practices, the results may not be what you hoped.

But There IS Good News and You Will Be a Success with The Help of the Training on These Pages

Now all this gloom and doom is not to scare you. It's no secret that running a business is hard work and a learning process. The Internet is no different.

But because you've taken the first step of taking Internet Based Family for a spin (if not, take the trial here)...we're going to make sure you have all the information you need to make your business a great success.

This training is self-guided and you can pick and choose the tutorials you need or want a refresher on. You can skip any portion of the training that you wish, but if you are just getting started online, we strongly encourage you to go through all the tutorials. We don't say this just to make you work hard, we want to be sure that you make the most of your online marketing experience.

Why not build your website right the first time, instead of trying to correct mistakes later? Your life will much easier and your pocketbook will be much happier.

computer keyboardGet Started with Your Tutorials:

  1. Choosing your target market
  2. Pick your online business model
  3. Choose a domain name
  4. Copywriting - The words are important
  5. Traffic Basics
  6. Your mailing list
  7. Builder Help & Support

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