Choosing a Domain Name for Your Website

Choose a Domain Name

Once you have defined your target market and know the type of products you're going to sell, it's time to come up with just the right name for your business.

If  you're using the Internet Based Family website builder, you'll know that your service includes a subdomain.  A subdomain, as defined by Wikipedia, is a domain that is part of a larger domain.  This means that your site is placed on our domain name ( with a title you choose.


For example, if you want your site to be called "Moms Goofy Flowers", it will be placed on our site at:

  •  (This is a made up time of writing, there is no website at this location.)

That said - don't use our subdomains! Get your own unique domain instead. It's really not expensive and you can pick one up quickly right here.

Why You Should Register Your Own Domain Name:

It is worth spending a bit of money registering your own domain with your Internet Based Family or any website. You will also receive email addresses that contain your domain name; this looks very professional and is a great advertisement for your site.

Make your domain name something easy for people to remember and not too complicated. It should be something people can type into their browser by memory.

Tips for Your Registration:

Domains can be purchased with all kinds domain extensions. Domain extensions are the letters that follow your chosen name. For example:,,

There are also extensions that are meant specifically for certain countries. For example: .ca for Canada, for the UK, etc.

If you are purchasing a commercial domain for worldwide or U.S.-based audiences, always go for the .com. It is what most people automatically think of when they try to remember or type in a domain name.

If you are targeting a certain country only with your website, you might consider a country extension. TIP: if you purchase, be sure to also register and forward the latter domain to the .ca version (this is a free service with your domain purchase). That way, if previous visitors mistype your domain, they can still find you.

Many people decide to choose a .net or other extension because the .com version isn't available. You should be cautious with this for two reasons:

  1. It's possible this name is protected by a trademark and that is always something to consider before embarking on any new project.
  2. You might end up sending a lot of traffic to the .com version if people can't remember that you are .net  or .info

What Now?

Write down a few ideas on what domain you'd like to register. If you are choosing a descriptive name, it can be challenging to find a name that is still available, but with a bit of creativity, you'll find the name just right for you and your online business.

Once you have a few ideas, search to see if they are available here and simply complete the registration process according to the instructions once you find the right one. If you using the Internet Based Family website builder, it's easy to get your domain name set up on your site builder account. You can find full instructions on how to do this here.

Next -> Once you're all set up with your domain name, you're ready for the next key ingredient to online success. Learn more about copywriting and the simple strategies that can help you sell more of your product.


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